<p><strong>In 2005, Steve Jobs abandoned the PowerPC platform for Intel.....</strong></p>  
   <p><small> <em>This webpage celebrates</em></small></p>
   <h1><strong> <i>TEN YEARS OF MADNESS</i></strong>  2005-2015</h1>
 <h1><strong>POWERPC is dead!  Long live POWERPC!</strong></h1>
          <p> I am one of the few proud survivors who still use</p>
          <p> The One <strong><em>TRUE </em></strong>  Platform   </p> <p>In your face Apple!   I am still out here on the UnderWeb! Using my PPC Macs, Clones and PowerBooks!</p>
          <img src="/b.gif">
          <p>Steve Jobs is a wanker</p>
    <p><small>Please take notice. This is a hobbyist page, created with humor-in-mind.</p>
    <p>I will include PPC related links and perhaps some useful information as well.</p>
    <p>I am also a hypocrite who uses Wintel platforms for various purposes--movies, games etc.</p>
    <p>Addendum: This is not my picture. I do not have red hair or metal studs screwed into my head.</p>
    <p>Nor was I famous at any time during the 1980's.  Or, for that matter, even any time since then.</p>
    <p>I take no credit for any copyrights for The Young Ones GIF, The Young Ones, or PowerPCtm. </p>
    <p>(If I could take credit for any of them I would be filthy rich!)</small></p>
    <p> <strong>Steve Jobs did save Apple from destruction.  Ya gotta give him credit for that!</strong></p>
                                                                                                                     <p> Rest in Peace, Steve.</p>